PM Modi arrives at ‘Sawasdee PM Modi’ community event in Bangkok, Thailand

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the ‘Sawasdee PM Modi’ community event in Bangkok, Thailand today. Thousands of members of Indian diaspora from all over Thailand attended the event.
Historic India-Thailand relations
Prime Minister welcomed the audience in several Indian languages, reflecting the diversity of the Indian diaspora in Thailand. Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister said that this was his first official visit to the country to participate in the India-Asean Summit. He reflected on the age old historic relations between India and Thailand which were forged thousands of years ago through trade relations of Indian coastal states with South-East Asia. These relations have only gained in strength over time reflected in cultural and lifestyle similarities between the two counties.
Prime Minister said that it has been his endeavour to meet people of Indian community in the country he travels to. He appreciated the people present for being the perfect ambassadors of India culture and tradition. 
Thai translation of ‘Tirukkural’ and Commemorative Coins marking Guru Nanak’s 550th Birth Anniversary released
Prime Minister unveiled the Thai translation of Thiruvalluvar’s Tamil classic ‘Tirukkural’. He said that the book is a guiding light for living one’s life. He also released commemorative coins minted to  mark the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, adding that the teachings of Guru Nanak are heritage for entire humanity. He said that from 9th November, direct connectivity will be established to Kartarpur Sahib via the Kartarpur Corridor, welcoming everyone to come and visit.
Boosting Tourism & Commitment to Act East Policy
Prime Minister narrated steps being taken to develop Buddha circuit for promoting tourism. He highlighted that India has jumped 18 ranks in the last 4 years in travel and tourism global index, stating that government has been focussed on promoting heritage, spiritual and medical tourism along with developing connectivity infrastructure for boosting tourism. 
Outlining the contours of India’s Act-East Policy, he said that India is focussed on deepening North-East’s connect with Thailand. He said that the government is working towards developing the region as gateway of South-East Asia. Prime Minister added that the India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway will establish seamless connectivity between the countries, which will boost the development of the entire region.
Government committed to welfare of people
Stressing on India’s commitment to democracy, Prime Minister narrated the story of the historic General Elections 2019 which catapulted his government to a second term with an even bigger majority.
Prime Minister listed some of the recent major decisions and achievements of the government including abrogation of Article 370. He said that in the last three years, 8 crore households have been given LPG connections – the number of beneficiaries is more than the population of entire Thailand. Ayushman Bharat scheme has been launched to provide health care benefits to over 50 crore Indians. He added that the government is committed to ensure the availability of water for everyone and a household for all by 2022.

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