Majority of Japanese public believe Japan should postpone or cancel Olympics: Japanese surveys

日, 도쿄올림픽 ‘연기’ 또는 ‘취소’ 여론 81%

Well over half of the Japanese public think Japan should postpone or cancel the Tokyo 2020 Olympics amid the spreading coronavirus.
Japanese sports newspaper, the Sports Hochi conducted a survey last Friday… about the Games.
And out of some 5-hundred respondents,… 62-percent said,… Japan should postpone the Olympics,… while 19-percent said the games should be called off altogether.
In a survey conducted by another Japanese sports daily, nearly 60 percent of the 8-hundred-90 respondents said,… Japan should postpone the global sporting event.
For now, the Tokyo Olympics is set to open on July 24th and run through August 9th.

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