S. Korea suspending visa waivers for Japan starting Monday

내일부터 일본인 입국 3단계 차단…신규비자 심사 강화

Starting Monday, South Korea is ending its visa-free program for visitors from Japan.
This is in response to similar restrictions imposed by Tokyo this past week.
The South Korean justice ministry said today that from midnight, travel permits already issued to Japanese nationals will no longer be valid, and they will need to apply for new ones.
This does not, however, affect Japanese nationals who are residents of Korea.
In the future to get a visa, the justice ministry said it may also require proof of a health check-up.
Japan said on Thursday it would start quaranting travelers from South Korea, and it ended its own visa-free system for Koreans.
The South Korean foreign ministry quickly denounced the move as unreasonable, unscientific and unfriendly.

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