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The argument for lost high ancient technology goes like this.It’s impossible and therefore it is evidence of ancient advanced machinery.The proponents of this hypothesis also promote the fiction that later ancient civilisations such could not lift, cut or work hard stones like granite and porphyry. They never mention ancient Greek and Roman texts such as Pliny, Polybius, Heron and Vitruvius and the machinery/techniques they describe in detail.When Greek or Roman achievements are mentioned it is usually “they couldn’t do this”, “they didn’t do that” and when cornered on it the tired old chestnut of “it’s predynsatic Egyptian” that was looted.It is they who repeatedly make assertions such as “they couldn”t or they didn’t” which implies they know something of Greek, Roman and other ancient civilisations. Yet the artefacts and written records are quite clear that these claims are NOT TRUE. Leaving only two options: 1) they didn’t bother to look into it and just made it up 2) they did look into the easy to find facts and deliberately suppress them to protect a very profitable fiction.

Many aspects of history can be argued in terms of how to interpret the evidence, until time machines are invented that is the nature of the game.
Though ommiting facts and tellin outright porkies is not acceptable on any level.

The worm is turning thankfully, bully boy sock puppet accounts don’t have the impact they once did and the so called ‘alternative’ history’ community won’t be held hostage any more.
I firmly believe we need to re-examine our past and the so called ‘lamestream’believe that too. They’re constantly at work looking into the evidence and experimenting. The ‘lamestream’ archeologists devote themselves to this and their work is then cited when it fits the Lost High Ancient Technology narrative. When it doesn’t they are described as ‘lamestream’ and blind or even worse accused of suppression.

However the big hitters in the Lost High Ancient Technology community can not only be accused of this, they can be convicted of this just by fact checking the claims they make, claims which are the very foundation upon which their arguments rest.

It’s impossible therefore lost high ancient technology.
If it is possible then there is ZERO evidence.
If easy to find information that challenges the lost high ancinet technology
argument is not presented, and worse still DENIED, then the issue of credibility becomes a very real problem.

A house of cards built on a foundation of sand will topple, sooner or later.

What can be claimed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

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