Yo-kai Watch vending machine toys full set of 5 Bandai Yokai Watch blow up dolls vs McDonald’s Yo-Kai Watch Happy Meal toys world collection Asia Japan 2015 unboxing review. #yokaiwatch #bandai Fast Food Toys reviews the 2015 Yokai Watch vending machine toys and compares them to the McDonald’s Yokai Watch Happy Meal toys complete set of 6 Yo-Kai Watch toys. McDonald’s US currently has in 2019, the Pokemon Happy Meal toys: 8 McDonald’s Poke balls and 12 McDonald’s Pokemon cards to collect, which is the next toy after the McDonald’s Barbie & Hot Wheels Happy Meal toys. The concurrent Sanrio Hello Kitty toys are back along with different Halloween costumes hello kitty toys for boys and girls. As to Burger King US, the new toys are the 30 Burger King Emoji toys after the My Little Pony and Burger King Transformers toys! Hopefully they will also have the Burger King DC Comics Batman toys after the emojis toys! Halloween is going to be on Thursday October 31, 2019! Will you be dressed up as a Garfield character for Halloween and will you go trick or treat? The Happy Meal is 40 years old and we’ll celebrate the 40th year anniversary birthday! Upcoming in November and December will be the Thanksgiving 2019 McDonald’s Disney Frozen 2 Happy Meal toys and Christmas Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Happy meal toys.

McDonald’s also had multiple Yo-Kai Watch Happy Meal toys sets in 2017 and 2018 as well as prior years. The McDonald’s Yo-Kai Watch Happy Meal toys are known worldwide. In Brazil they are known as mclanche feliz brinquedos yokai watch while in Mexico they are cajita feliz juguetes yo-kai watch We love the McDonald’s Yo-Kai Watch Happy Meal toys commercial advert!

The 5 Yo-Kai Watch vending machine toys are: #1 Jibanyan #2 Usapyon #3 Hovernyan #4 Cornfused #5 Fuu 2

The 6 Yo-Kai Watch McDonald’s toys are: McDonald’s Yo-Kai Watch toy #1 Jibanyan Paws of Fury Boxing #2 Run Run Komasan runner #3 Whisper Weightlifter lifting weight deadlift #4 Usapyon Kayaking with rowing paddle #5 Yo-Kai Watch Ping Pong Table Tennis #6 Run run Komajiro running racer

Which is your favorite Yo-Kai Watch character blow up doll vending machine toy?

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