Japan: First Japanese citizens evacuated from Wuhan land in Tokyo

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The first Japanese citizens evacuated from Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in China, arrived on a chartered flight at Tokyo Haneda Airport on Wednesday.

Two of the Japanese citizens working and residing in Wuhan and evacuated today, Takeo Aoyama and Takayuki Kato, spoke to journalists during a press conference at the airport.

Aoyama, a Nippon Steel employee stressed that more than 400 Japanese citizens remain in Wuhan who wants to come back to Japan.

“We would like you to ensure the safety of the remaining Japanese people, and at the same time strengthen support for Chinese people, such as medical supplies and masks,” he said.

According to reports, a total of 206 Japanese citizens landed at the airport; their transportation was organised by the Japanese government. Yoshihide Suga, a spokesperson for the government, said four people were taken to hospital upon arrival, though it has not yet been confirmed whether they have contracted the virus.

The total number of cases confirmed by China stands at 4,515, with 106 thought to have died from the disease.

The new strain of coronavirus has spread from China to other countries, including the US, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Nepal, France and now Germany. Cases were also reported in Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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