Huge Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

3 day update so all links will be updated by time of presentation , too many links to fit under video . We see total panic in many countries as people are locked down in their homes . Lets face it trying to find a journalist in the pointless media is like swimming with a 100 lb weight belt on in a rip tide during a hurricane with a super full moon .

The awful terrible dismal dreadful World Health Organization is focused on protecting corporations while country after country is infected . The WHO main tool is censorship and bullying with their advertisement dominating everywhere and major social media homeboys beseech to do their bidding .

In what can only be elucidated as a desperate attempt to identify and stomp out any descending opinions by the WHO instead of coming up with solutions for humans and animals . It is incontestably humanity will never have a light house in this storm let alone life jackets due to captured media and predatory hucksters like the WHO .

South Korean city under lock-down after coronavirus cases surge

South Korea reports 123 more cases of novel coronavirus, total rises to 556 , 2.5 million locked in homes

Excellent – Simone Gao – China Implies Coronavirus Leaked from Lab ?

Don’t buy China’s story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab

Coronavirus found in patients who have recovered

More than 100 wild animals drop dead near COVID-19 epicenter in China after workers ‘sprayed too much disinfectant’ to prevent COVID-

If Coronavirus Is Killing Fewer People Than the Flu, Why Has Beijing Quarantined Millions?

447 new cases in prisons reveal blind zones in COVID-19 fight

Over 160 nations express support for China to defeat Covid-19

Hong Kong: Anti-epidemic subsidy introduced

29 year old Wuhan hospital doctor Peng Yinhua dies from coronavirus

Coronavirus: Japanese man pushes train emergency button ‘after passenger without mask coughs’

‘Coronavirus can’t kill the industry.’ China cruise market here to stay, analysts say

10 Italian towns in lockdown over COVID-19 coronavirus fears

Over 40 matches called off in Italy amid Coronavirus fears

Moscow sets up face recognition to maintain coronavirus quarantine but citizens unaware of it

Chinese state media has been criticized for trying to portray a nine-months’ pregnant woman working on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak as a hero.

Study Shows Wuhan woman with no symptoms infects five relatives with coronavirus

Japan Can’t Run Out the Clock on Coronavirus

Fourteen more people in Japan infected Saturday including junior high school teacher in Chiba Prefecture

North China city of Harbin puts four districts on lock-down in bid to contain coronavirus

Coronavirus kills Wuhan female doctor Xia Sisi

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