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Please read the description of this feed here below. This will greatly help you in the understanding of what you are looking at on this YouTube Live site.

Thank you for joining us at CaSeismograph. Let us start with giving you an introduction what CaSeismograph is and why it was created.

CaSeismograph live feed, is the only featured self made physical live seismograph community drum internet feed in the world! We strive to create a live feed that will serve the people of Southern California to give everyone a chance to communicate and exchange information in regards of local earthquakes and possible future events.

CaSeismograph is for the young and old, and every type in between. We desire to keep CaSeismograph a child friendly place and as scientific and accurate in all possible aspects. This is why the CaSeismograph chat is moderated and we expect the chat users to keep the rules set by the CaSeismograph Team. Please be courteous and follow the moderators discipline and you and all others will no doubt have an enjoy full time.

Southern California is at the moment in a nice quiet spell but when that changes (and that can happen in a moments notice as we all know), it’s then our site will suddenly get very busy. Because of this we are still looking for more moderators to make sure the chat be properly cared for.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining the CaSeismograph Team as a Chat Active Moderator (CAM) person? We will be glad to sent you our HUEWS/CAM procedure team member letter and introduce you to the rest of the team.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Emails can be directed to:

Also, this live feed was made due to the ABC Seismograph community who were lost after ABC dropped their live “Quake Cam” feed.

ABC7 used to show a live Los Angeles webcam. It was viewing an Earthquake Seismograph drum at the Los Angeles KABC-TV television station Newsroom. Although it had a several minute delay, it would show any earthquake activity in the Southern California area.

You are now watching a real Quake-Cam live stream. We encourage the ABC seismograph community who were lost after ABC took down their live stream to continue watching this stream. We don’t have the facility’s like ABC7 but hopefully, through your support, we can get there. If you used to be an avid watcher of the old stream or you are a newcomer please share this site with your friends. Our aspiration is to one day serve the Southern California people with instant earth quake information through sensors all across the state and along the San Andreas Fault line.

Currently we are putting together an entire professional functioning Seismograph Drum to get away from the small but inherently bothersome defects our current Seismograph has. Hopefully by then we will be able to also introduce a live signal from Big Bear.

As you can imagine, this en-devour is quite an undertaking and thus we thank you for your support as we look forward to continue to grow and inform people of any earthquake activity in the SOCAL area.

All Physical seismographs, earthquake graphics, images, background, content , video, voice content captured in this live feed are the property of CaSeismograph , and are NOT intended for redistribution, copying, or repeating unless otherwise approved in writing by the content creator, CaSeismograph on YouTube.

The RaspberryShake Seismograph at Escondido is owned by CaSeismograph and the data stream can be found at the RaspberryShake Community Station View see link below: So is our Temescal Valley feed a sensor of one of our CaSeismograph members and can be found at the Community Station View page of the site

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Thank you, the CaSeismograph Team.

Abbreviations: GG = Garden Grove

GMS = Ground Motion Sensor
H = Horizontal
N = North
E = East
S = South
W = West
SMS = Surface Motion Sensor
V = Vertical
CNS = Current Needle Sensitivity
CNT = Current Needle Tracking
CDS = Current Drum Speed
SDR = Single Drum Revolution

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